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What is Notam Branding LLC?

Ultimately, it’s me, Mimi Moses. It is also a vast network of media services and fellow creatives I bring onto projects. It is also who you make the check out to ッ!

Speaking of... what's your pricing like?

It depends on what you need, but I can guarantee my clients agree I have competitive and fair pricing. I make custom build quotes for each client. First we do a phone consultation and in ~24 hours I give you an idea of what I suspect your plan can be (free of charge). Often once I make an estimate, we go forward with a retainer payment structure.

What do you... actually do?

I know, I know... lot's of buzz words. Simply put, I do everything brand identity building, marketing and system organizing. For several businesses and organizations, I am an all-in-one marketing department and brand manager.

Who do you work with?

I primarily work with small and mid-size business people. I’ve also worked with educational and non-profit organizations. I have a bit of a niche expertise in working with “portfolio-centered” content which includes a lot of folks in the Interiors and Exteriors design/build world. For the last +6 years, I've built and retained a client roster of phenomenal business folks I deeply respect, and in turn they have helped me expand to a (mostly) referral-based business.

Do you have a team you work with? Do you have employees? Do you outsource work?

Yes! Yes (just in house work)! Not often! I have a few trusted colleagues I like to bring onto projects depending on the size/timing of the job. They are all excellent team players (with great rates). If I can't get it done myself, I have someone in my pocket.

What are your clients experiences? 

I love my clients; many are great friends now. Here’s what a few have had to say:

Mimi does it all. She's been with us since Day 1. She is a major player in our operation. We've been through 4 websites, a re-brand, introduced a brick and mortar business... and there is only more to come with her at our side!

- Erin Hackett, Owner of Village Design Studio

"Intuitive, has a keen design-eye, understands how to work a budget. We've referred her to everyone we know. Working with Mimi is some of the best investments I've made in my business ventures."

-Brian Landy, President of eParalegal 

"Mimi is basically our marketing department." 

-Kim Braeseke, CFO of Cedar Roofing Company

Who is Mimi?

Well, I’m a multi-hyphenate small business lady! If you're looking to work together, it’s likely we have that in common. I’ve been recognized by “Best of Chicago” in 2019, 2021, 2022 as Best Web Designer. I am a creative who loves telling stories.


I've studied at Smith College, University College London and Northwestern University. I’m a life-long Chicagoan, although I've lived up and down the East coast with a brief stint in London. I am an enthusiastic painter, although not very skilled. I've recently become a tennis fanatic. When I’m not working on jobs, I am sometimes producing short films but currently my days have been filled with building my dream home in West Chicago. Most importantly, I am the world’s happiest auntie to my nephew and niece, Jack and Millie Fran. They are a wonderful source of inspirtation and often remind me how all work (of the creative process) must come from some play!

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